2015 March Madness Predictions

Steal these picks for your office pool.

Here’s your chance to steal our official 2015 NCAA March Madness Brackets. You may not win a million dollars but these picks will keep you in the running in your work pool or with those friends who dragooned you into being in their annual tournament challenge.  Later you can mystify everyone when you tell them how you picked Louisville to loose because “they have no shooters”, or how Iowa State “has a coach who is good enough to be in the NBA.” If you really want to seem professional, use phrases like “my Midwest region is pretty ‘chalky’,” meaning you didn’t pick any low seeded (i.e. ranked) teams to beat higher seeded teams. Remember you only have until noon this Thursday to get them in. Make your picks and have fun!

For a closer view of the bracket below, click here.


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