Isis has reportedly begun beheading captives after taking over the majority of a large Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. The U.N. portrays the situation as “beyond inhumane.” There are also accusations of the Syrian government dropping several barrel bombs on the camp since Sunday, as they attempted to repel Isis’s most advanced foray yet towards the Syrian capital. ISIS fighters killed Palestinian defending the area. Meanwhile, the 18,000 refugees are faced with little-to-no options for survival.


The UN Security Council on Monday demanded access for life-saving humanitarian aid to reach refugees trapped in the camp after it was partly seized by the Islamic State group. The UNRWA agency—which provides food, water and supplies to the population there—have not been able to access the camp for days. A UN spokesperson said, “That means that there is no food, there is no water and there is very little medicine … People are holed up in their houses, there is fighting going on in the streets. There are reports of … bombardments. This has to stop and civilians must be evacuated.” At this point, only 93 people have been evacuated from the camp.