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Last night was for VIPs only at the Cinemark Playa Vista, Century’s new 9-screen multiplex theater located at 12746 West Jefferson Boulevard. The invitation-only event included free parking, free admission to the movie of your choice, and complimentary popcorn and sodas. Providing just the right alchemy for the red carpet soiree, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, and representatives from the L.A. Clippers Cheerleading squad made themselves available for selfies as they flirtatiously mingled throughout the crowd. “This is the flagship facility for all the Cinemark theaters throughout the country” said Charlotte Hartman, Account Director for NCM Media Networks. She added, ”in addition to the 800 seat Extreme Digital Cinema auditorium (the largest in Southern California with a 72-foot wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor screen), this location is also equipped to host future Hollywood world premieres and red carpet events with its own celebrity green room.” That is certainly superlative language, but from what I could see, most of the praise is utterly legitimate. From the plush reclining seats on the bottom level to the courtly, electric-powered recliners with tables and footrests in the balcony, this venue has all the latest amenities.

Keep in mind that while this location promotes a moderate 1 to 1.5 mile walk from existing Playa Vista communities, the surrounding construction makes the walk nearly impossible. But even if you play it safe and decide to drive, the parking garage seems far from finished with flotsam jetsam littering driving lanes, nonoperative elevators, and an obstacle course of forgotten sandbags and rebar randomly left in the wake of exiting construction workers. Not helping matters is the lack of signage from your car to the entrance of the theater. Last night, before and after the movie, little cadres of well-dressed VIPs, who had – for various reasons – been cut from the herd, meandered the dimly lit recesses and stairwells of the garage giving other VIP’s a furtive glance before sheepishly asking for directions to and from the venue. Still, despite this inconvenience, I would agree with the publicity which boasts the Cinemark as “an unparalleled movie-going experience.”

The Cinemark opens today at 7 pm. In promotion with Disney’s Cinderella movie, the theater is giving away free Cinderella hair ties and posters (while supplies last). If you arrive early, your child can stop and take a picture with Cinderella’s glass slipper.

For a full listing of the theater’s amenities including reserved seating, print-at-home tickets, theater menu, or if you simply wish to purchase tickets click here:


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