Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the controversial Muslim-turned-atheist who endorses Christianity for its ability to soften sectarian hatred. She is currently on a book tour promoting her latest book, Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now. She reveals how she has promoted peace-loving, tolerant attitudes within the Muslim world even writing a letter to the Pope asking him to “capture the hearts and minds of . . . people who are . . . in search of redemption.” She also describes the difficulty of delivering that message to a population that has been born and raised in the Muslim religion.

In a recent visit to the Daily show, she defended her comments about Christianity to Jon Stewart saying that her critics see no difference between Christianity and Islam in their approach to confronting religious intolerance, she goes on:

“My observation is yes, Christianity is different from Islam…The worst thing that a Christian has ever said to me, the rudest thing that a Christian has ever said to me, the thing that made me most uncomfortable that a Christian said to me was ‘I’m going to pray for you. I hope you will be safe. I hope you will be redeemed.’ But within my own family and my own community, when I say I’m in doubt about the Koran and Muhammad and life after death and all that, it is ‘well, you are to die.’ So I just want to point out the differences between the religions…What makes me angry is the moral equivalence.”

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