If you have always wanted a streaming music service with your favorite Christian and gospel selections, or wondered why such a service did not exist, well, your time is now. The Overflow is a new app working on becoming the first company focusing exclusively on Christian music in the streaming universe.

“I believe Christian music fans have unmet needs and I see a gap in the marketplace” said co-founder Stephen Relph.

While the price of having unlimited music for $10 a month is already a pretty good deal, The Overflow is an even better deal at $4.99 per month. That is almost half of a premium Spotify subscription.

The company is also constantly searching for talent they may be missing. In an effort to provide as much music available as is appropriate for the service, The Overflow’s website has a page where musicians can submit their work to be included in the offerings. Right now The Overflow is only an app, but the company is working on creating a version that can be used on people’s computers by this spring.