According to Atlanta based rapper Lecrae’s music has infiltrated strip clubs, and the message of Christ is allegedly perfect for the dancers.

A ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel with dancers in the strip clubs of Louisville is responsible for getting the music played. According to the Christian hip-hop publication, Lecrae’s fourth studio album Rehab blared through a strip club after Starr, the founder of Scarlet Hope, relentlessly encouraged DJs and club owners to give rapper Lecrae’s CD a chance.

According to Starr many had not heard of Lecrae and all inquired about him and his music. They owner of the club even handed the Rehab CD to a troubled customer who was looking for guidance.

Although some might not think that Christian music is appropriate in that environment, many other praise the fact that the message is reaching all areas of life.

“Now THIS is Christianity…and the gates of [strip clubs] will not prevail against it,” one person said online.

“Wow!! This is amazing and another reason to love Lecrae and my fellow fans,” someone else said.

A newer fan of Lecrae wrote, “This is amazing. I love Lecrae’s message. I’m learning to love his music, thanks to my son. It is powerful and something that non-believers may be more open to listening to.”