What separates Netflix’s Daredevil hero from the vast array of superheroes being produced in Hollywood lately? Charlie Cox says, “He’s religious. He comes from a religious background. He’s Catholic. So he’s dealing with this always in the back of his mind, this idea of morality and original sin, and also God’s will. What is God’s will? I don’t think he would be in any doubt as to whether going out and beating people up is God’s will or not.”

This weekend, the brand new television series premieres its entire first season on Netflix — thirteen episodes of blind attorney Matt Murdock fighting it out on the streets of New York City, using his heightened senses and ninja skills to bring justice to all the bad folks asking for it, and entertainment to everyone at home getting their binge-watch on.

Most people remember Ben Affleck’s 2003 version of the superhero, whether they want to or not. Fox then tried to revive it a few years later, but eventually the rights went back to Disney, who is hoping this weekend will demonstrate that the third time is a charm.