These newlyweds had been married for just over six months when Matt was in a horrible car accident. It left Matt in a comma, and at death’s door. Doctors recommended that his wife, Danielle, “pull the plug” on him, but she would not give up.

Danielle refused to end the life of her husband, no matter how serious it was. She believed in him and knew that God would help her through it all. After some time passed, Matt finally gained consciousness and was able to speak to his wife. Unfortunately, he did not know what happened in the past three years, and also had no idea who the girl taking care of him was.

God answered Danielle’s prayers and faithfulness, and now the road to recover begins.

A story like this just proves how important it is that we don’t take our lives for granted. Every little thing counts, even the small things. They are leaning on God throughout this whole process and it is very inspiring!