During the worship service of an Assyrian catholic church on Easter Sunday, Islamic State militants blew up the 80-year-old church of the Virgin Mary in Tal Nasri in the western countryside of Hasaka province, in northeastern Syria. Miraculously, there were no casualties reported. The radical Islamic group regularly targets the holy sites of Christians and of other Muslims that they consider heretical. ISIS fighters have also destroyed museums, archeological digs and ancient religious sites in areas of Syria and Iraq that they have taken over.

A few days ago the Islamic State released a propaganda video showing a group of men engaged in destroying statues and parts of the facade of an old building in Hatra, a city of the ancient Parthian Empire.

Another image released by ISIS shows the destruction of the monastery of Mar Behnam in Iraq.

In February, Islamist militants burned down the historic church of Tal Hurmoz, one of the oldest churches in Syria, and destroyed three other churches in the town of Tal Tamer in Hasaka province.

All six UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Syria have been damaged.