New Study Points To Qualities Christians Want In A President

As presidential primaries heat up and more and more candidates declare their intention to run in the next presidential race, a new study finds that Americans believe increased Bible reading could benefit all politicians. American Bible Society’s annual State of the Bible research found 58 percent of Americans believe regular Bible reading would actually make politicians more effective.

In addition, the research commissioned by American Bible Society and conducted by Barna Group discovered that 56 percent of Americans believe regular Bible reading would make politics less contentious.

“Americans are recognizing that politicians, like the rest of us, can benefit from the Bible’s wisdom,” said American Bible Society Executive Vice President Geof Morin. “The Bible sets a compelling vision of what we want for our leaders today—learn to be humble, seek divine guidance, demonstrate love to opponents and put the needs of others above their own desires.”

The majority of Americans say they too could benefit from additional Bible reading. Sixty-one percent of Bible readers say they wish they read the Bible more. While twice as many Americans said their Bible reading increased rather than decreased in the past year—22 percent compared with 12 percent—busyness is still cited as the most common reason for not reading the Bible more.

“It is encouraging to see Americans yearn for additional Bible reading,” said Morin. “In our hectic culture, it is understandable that busyness would be a hurdle to increased Bible reading. That is why American Bible Society is constantly looking for new ways to help people connect with Scripture throughout their daily lives. In today’s digital culture, people can engage with Scripture anytime and anywhere through social media posts, Bible reading apps and readily available online versions of the Bible.”