In Los Angeles, the only thing worse than the traffic is the parking.

Every Angeleno has endured that splenetic search for a spot, driving aimlessly around several city blocks. Then, when you finally find a space, you’ve got to solve the Sanskrit code that L.A. parking signs can sometimes be.

The city of Los Angeles is testing 100 of these new parking signs for 6 months. They’re supposed to help streamline the current system. parking

Garcetti admits that L.A.’s parking situation is “one of the most frustrating things we all experience, and I think most Angelenos are convinced that the city is out to get them.” He added, “In the past, quite often, it seems like we’ve designed a more and more difficult system.”

The designer of the new signs, Designer Nikki Sylianteng of Brooklyn, N.Y., after getting a $95 parking ticket during a trip to L.A., returned to New York and cooked up the idea. She published the mock ups on her website, and not long after was approached by the city of Los Angeles.

Several people downtown were surveyed about the new signs. Opinions were mixed but generally leaned negative.

Sarah Little said, “What fascinates me is that there’s a committee of people that sat in a room together, and they were like, ‘How are we gonna make this better?’ And this is what they come up with,” she said. “This just looks like a fantastic waste of funds.”

How do you like the new parking signs?